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Bat Removal Services Orange County

Do you hear bat noises in the attic? Yes, bats can become a pest. Tired of dealing with bats? If that is you, then my bat control company can help solve your bat problems for good. We have the experience and know how to make your property free of bats. Our experts only using smart, humane and efficient methods that will get rid of your bat issues. Bat removal requires qualified and knowledgeable experts. If you own a home or business and have bat problems, then you can rely on our bat removal experts. Some people refer to this service as bat pest control or animal control or even bat exterminators. We specialize in professional bat trapping and wild bat management, and we are not regular insect pest exterminators. We are bat trappers. Real Trappers get Dirty!

We witness daily on how bats can destroy soffits, vents, screens and wiring seeking shelter in the structure of your home or building. From bat poop to bats in the attic having cute little babies. Bats can also cause over millions of dollars worth in damages to property owners nationwide. We know from firsthand experience that bats do significant damage to properties nationwide. Bats are leaving behind urine and feces which can become a health hazard to you or your pets.

Humane Bat Removal & Control

We are experts that specialize in handling bat control in Orange County. Bat control in Orange County includes bat removal, bat extraction, and bat exclusion by repairing any points of entry. Every situation is different. Some property owners might call about a bat that has flown inside of the building and needed us to come out to locate to capture and remove the bat properly. Others may encounter a more severe case where bats infest their attic, walls, roof tiles, etc. Bats can pretty much nest in any tight and enclosed areas where they are not vulnerable to predators. Usual signs of bat infestation include bat feces around the perimeter of your home or building. Other signs of bat infestation are body oils the bats leave behind at their entry points.

Bats normally colonize in homes or buildings by entering through gaps small as 1.5 inches. These nocturnal mammals forage for insects at night and roost upside down in hollow trees or buildings in the day.

They will begin to mate in spring and summer seasons, while hibernating during the winter. Areas with low light conditions and shelter are best suited for nesting.

Nesting locations will have small droppings (guano) and smells of urine. Accumulate enough guano, fungi will begin to grow on the guano. Bats also can carry bat bugs, sort of like fleas or ticks. They only feed off bats and not contract to humans.

Bat Removal Orange County


Bats are usually labeled as a nuisance due to their destruction and presence on private properties. The most common complaints include the following:

  • Bats in the attic
  • Bats in the wall
  • Bats in the chimney
  • Bats in the vents
  • Bat's presence alarming dogs/pets
  • Sick, potentially rabid animals

Bats at your Residence

Bats love the city life and the food source we provide. They can find food just about anywhere in the city. Your home is the best place for bats to nest and find food. Bugs is the bat's main food sources. We recommend working on exclusion work to prevent all these from happening, but will not stop them from coming to your yard. The best solution bat control would have to be removing and prevention.

Bats at your Commercial Property

Bats adapt to most situations. They love to travel and explore without being disturbed. A business is a perfect area since most businesses close after a certain time. Unattended to nest on the most convenient part of the building. They can also access into your business without you knowing. A full inspection is the best response, addressing anything and everything bat problems.

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