Dead Animal Removal and Cleanup Services

Dead Animal Removal - Yes it's a Stinky Job, but It has to get done!

Are you in need of a dead animal removal service? Do you have a dead animal smell in your home or business? We have the experience dealing with dead animal locating, removal and odor removal and we provide this service throughout your circumference of your property. It is also important to inspect your home or business to find out how that animal gained entry in the first place. Therefore we take proper steps to prevent future animal problems in your home or office.

Looking for a dead animal can be a difficult task. Without experience, you can easily miss the body. Critters can also be found in the most unlikely areas. Our experienced technicians will be able to determine where its location is, and how it got there. Also, we also sanitize the area and disinfect as well.

Dead animal smell in the house can attract all types of insects and disease, not to mention other nuisance animals which hope to feed on the carcass. Of course, the smell and/or sight are also offensive.

Need Help With Dead Animal Removal? Give Us A Call We Can Locate And Remove Any Animal DEAD or ALIVE!


Dead Animal at your Residence? We Can Locate and Remove It For You

Have you ever woke up with a rancid smell of a decaying carcass? You are unsure what it is or where it is coming from, you decide to investigate. After hours and hours of looking under crevasses and behind a large appliance, you have reached your limits and give up. The smell only worsens over time, and you are not sure of what to do.  That's where you contact Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts. With experience to locate the dead animal and rid of that awful smell once and for all.

Dead Animal at your Commercial Property? We Can Help!

Your workplace is the second place you spend most of your day at. One day, your office has a rotting smell, and you have to suffer from the odor. With the whole office trying to look for the carcass, and yet have not located the source. Save your precious time and call us. Not only will we find and removal the dead animal, but we will also sanitize and disinfect the area to ensure it’s clean and odor free.

Common Call For Dead Animal Removal

A dead animal usually causes very bad odor in the home or office. These stinky carcasses can cause health risk potently to your pets or love ones. The most common calls and complaints include the following:

  • Dead animal stuck in hood vent
  • Dead animal on the lawn
  • Dead animal in the attic
  • Dead animal in the crawlspace
  • Dead animal in the chimney
  • Dead animal in wall
  • Dead animal under house
  • Dead animal under deck or shed
  • Bad smells or odors in the house

When this happens, many property owners wish to have the dead animal located and removed by Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts. We know how to get rid of animals that have died on your property. Urban Wildlife Trapping Experts strives to deliver the best in dead animal removal quality, low-priced dead animal carcass pickup services, educational knowledge on wildlife prevention for Orange County. We will beat any local price quote on animal control, animal trapping, animal removal, and dead animal removal.

Dead Animal In Wall 

  • Sometimes these animals fall from the attic into the walls. Once they fall, it wouldn’t be able to locate its way out. Eventually, it will die.

Dead Animal In Attic

  • An animal can die from many things. As opportunistic eaters, they might eat something bad and get sick or possibly poisoned. Consequently, they end up dead in the home of your attic.

Dead Animal Under House

  • Homeowners are unaware that most crawl spaces are left open after a recent service done under the home.  A technician can go into your crawl space and check if you have a dead animal.

Dead Animal in Chimney

  • Homeowners also run into an issue where animal get stuck in their chimney. Due to some owners, not using their fireplace in the summer, this allows access to your home for animals. As a result, you will have a dead animal stuck in your chimney.

Dead Animal Under Bathtub

  • Believe it or not, this is a common place to find a nest of baby animals or a dead one. This area is quite often undisturbed which is the perfect place for animals to nest or potentially die. The water heater is the ideal location for animals to stay warm. The homeowner will probably be unaware that an animal is in between their water heater. As a result, the animal will die.

Wildlife Prevention Service | Sealing Off Entry/Exit Points


Animal prevention is probably one of the most valuable services you should get done. Animal cause damages to your home are seeking shelter or trying to nest. Often we get calls that these animals have dead under the house or dead in the attic. We do a thoroughly Inspection of your property to identify all entry/exit points.  Our experts can seal up any entry/exit points caused by the animals in Orange County. Exclusion repairs will help you for further prevention of nuisance squirrels. We only use high-grade materials to complete every entry/exit point repair. It is standard all our technicians carry these materials. Prices can vary due to the damage and that every home will not be the same as yours.

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